Positioning air: mission impossible?


  • Generate stories on products with limited news impact and obtain continuous coverage.
  • Position as a visionary on Sustainable Building and a benchmark industry.
  • Increase social visibility and reach.


  • Leverage seasonal events as winter and summer seasons to elevate brand awareness
  • Communicate relevant Stories offering value to everyday life to connect emotionally with Buyer Personas.
  • Develop multi-media content –infographics, slidedecks – for drive buzz and excitement of digital influencers, buyer personas and media and journalist that use its social networks.
  • Execute services for community management.
  • Create tailored media pitches tied to client’s thought leaders.


  • Social Networks engaged several professional groups (18 groups) and had a healthy community growth.
  • Generated 50 sales leads through Social Media.
  • 2,9M+ impressions resulted of total media coverage
  • 80+ publications in business, HVAC and trade media outlets includes Forbes, Excelsior, Mundo HVAC, ACR Latinoamerica.
  • 1,7M+ social media reach.