High performance and Digital Security ¡¡n your hands!

The Challenges:

  • Increase PSafe's positioning as a trusted digital security provider with the best and most complete solution for a safe and hassle-free digital life, while always maintaining the highest performance of mobile devices.
  • Position PSafe as the leading authority on Cybersecurity and Mobility issues, that responds to threats that disrupt mobile security and performance, with the best options and tips for talking, browsing, exchanging files and buying online, always protected with the best mobile antivirus in the market, in addition to maintain the best performance in mobile devices as if they were new.


  • Strengthen the relationship with the Media and Digital Influencers through valuable Content Marketing capitalizing on topics such as:
    • Cybersecurity and cyber attacks
    • Mobility
    • Social Engineering / Virtual kidnapping
  • Maximizing Earned Media taking advantage of:
    • Newsjacking - Incorporating PSafe's vision into a major news event - such as: WhatsApp and its security vulnerability, Online stores as a gateway to malware, Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) to Internet provider Dyn, World Launch of Video Games: Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run
    • Seasonal events: Formula One, Mother's Day, Black Friday, Christmas, among others.
  • Holistic Communication Strategy - Traditional and Digital PR– through a "searchable" and “shareable” Content Marketing to maintain a continuous presence of PSafe’s during its potential Buyer Personas purchasing journey.
  • Thought Leadership through Marco DeMello, PSafe Global CEO as the spokesperson responsible of communicating the brand promise and Psafe’s vision on Cybersecurity topics.


  • #1 in Security Share of Ink vs. competitors.
  • 1K+ published stories during 2016 and 4Q15 with:
    • 500+ stories in Niche Media, Business, L&S and Technology e.g.: Addictware, 24 horas, BytePodcast, Dinero en Imagen, Excelsior, El Universal, Gadgets, Geek, Android, Mundo Ejecutivo TV, NeanderGeek, Parentesis, Reforma, TechBit, Androidmx, Radioformula, Publimetro, El Economista, Milenio, El Financiero Bloomerg TV, TV Azteca.
    • 600+ Mentions from media and journalists that use social networks.
    • 80+ Digital Influencers Interactions (importance defined by reach, resonance & relevance) e.g.: Sopitas, Luis GyG, Pablo Berruecos (Zoom Digital), David Ochoa, Adrián Campos, Jorge Contreras, Ingrid Mota, Huracán con Falda, etc.

•   50%+ (longevity) of Content Marketing still “searchable” and “shareable”- in digital space.

  • Marco DeMello’s Thought Leadership, was published in Tier 1 Media, L&S and Technology e.g.: Reforma, Excelsior, Publimetro, Milenio, Parentesis, ConsumoCuidado, Addictware,, incluyendo cobertura en Radio y Television in spaces such as Mundo Ejecutivo TV, El Financiero Bloomberg, TV Azteca, Radio Formula, Charros y Gangsters (MVS Radio), etc.