Gelatin does not “wobble” when speaking in public


  • Elevate brand awareness and position it as the world's leading supplier of collagen proteins for the food, health & nutrition and pharmaceutical industry, also for consumer consumption through online purchases.


  • Establish client as a thought-leader in spaces where it could be in touch directly with its target audiences.
  • Executed campaigns like sport events, universities’ forums, cooking experiences, and Social Responsibilities programs.
  • Focused campaigns in social media to complement a PR strategy to drive continued media exposure.


  • Free participation in 6 Visibility Forums in the most important culinary universities in Mexico 
  • Participation in workshops, cooking experience events, fashion parades and conferences.
  • 500+ target audiences attendees includes culinary students, chefs and heads of households.
  • The sector benchmark, word of mouth advertising and increased online sales.
  • 1,2M+ of reach in social media.