Unquestionable leadership


  • Position Client as a unified company reconnecting Client with the Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) concept.
  • Shift perception of a HW vendor to a provider of Secure Information Infrastructures with emphasis in the Corporate and Public Sector markets.
  • Make inroads into the Small and Medium size marketplace.
  • Increase media mind-share as the Secure Storage market leader.


  • Develop business-worthy storylines leveraging client’s executives to drive thought leadership.
  • Consistent trend jacking and competitive relations.
  • Effective application of our Media Relations Program (know, segment, inform, educate, dialogue).


  • 150%+ increase in publications in 4 years generated 4M+ impressions.
  • Leading in ITC Trends: Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Security.
  • Accelerated positioning as the leader in Secure Information Infrastructure for any size enterprise in its key markets and media outlets.
  • Customer Success Stories with some of most important Corporate and Government entities.
  • 300%+ increased Media Mind Share as a result of the Media Relations Program.