The productivity engine for companies


  • Positioning Client as a Think Tank and Opinion Leader in the trade industry.
  • Shift perception from Bar Code Vendor to a Governing Association of Business Models based on International Standards in Mexico City and key states.


  • Increase local awareness as point of reference for Business to Business Electronic Commerce and an authorized voice in efficiency and productivity topics
  • Create and leverage content, emerging trends and featured innovators as a hook to attract local media and analysts to each event in the key states.
  • Offer briefings whit the General Manager to discuss on the Electronic Invoice and the Electronic product Catalogue and other topics.
  • Strong support is given to the project “Business Development Center”, jointly with state governments.


  • Secured 600+ pieces of coverage.
  • More than 26 million impressions.
  • Perceived as a partner which provides added value to the development of Mexican Enterprises.
  • Significant local press coverage including El Norte, La Voz de Michoacan, El Imparcial, A.M. de Guanajuato, Milenio Diario de Monterrey.