Social Media

Nowadays the world moves pretty fast and resources are limited. We know it. Socially we can help you to encourage interaction, attitudes and actions towards your brand.

Boost the credibility and reputation of your brand, share your industry vision, create a positive perception in your stakeholders, educate, provide customer service, generate leads and establish and strengthen relationships with your business ecosystem; if you are chasing one or more of these objectives while venturing into the digital space, we can help you.

Community Management
InfoSol’s teams are your social eyes and ears, directly managing and scaling your social audience and influence. Our teams develop content for any network (Twitter, LinkedIn, FB) that engages influencers directly with your brand.
No matter if is a software, service or product failure, InfoSol helps you weather the storm. We have a vetted process, from initial crisis plan creation to real-time monitoring and issue escalation, to longer term issues management.
InfoSol identifies the influencers that matter based on relevance, reach and resonance, helps you pick and manage the right channels, and plans out your messaging cadence in order to establish, grow and engage your audience.
We’ve developed social media policies for local, emerging and Fortune 500 brands. We understand how to motivate your staff to become confident social ambassadors.
Social promotion and contests
Contests and promotions aren’t simply “give away and they will come rushing to you” situations. InfoSol has executed both being oriented around a well-defined community and national programs that bring advocates to your brand. We know these need deep audience understanding, compelling content and strict SEGOB guideline adherence.
Every social platform has its own tone and protocol. InfoSol knows that what works on Facebook isn’t right for LinkedIn. We answer questions like “how visual should we be?” “What’s the right mix of promotional vs. educational messages?” “What’s working on each channel?”
The days of the social “free ride” are over. Leveraging social to advertise directly to your audience is a strategic PR initiative. InfoSol manages the entire process, from ad design and audience definition to bidding and measurement across any channel.