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At its heart, good PR aims to attract new customers, maintain existing clients, recruiting and retaining new employees and gaining financial investments. The credibility that you build as an opinion leader or being a sector´s benchmark spills over into everything else that you do.

Reputation drives revenues.

Most clients search for PR agencies for media relations. That’s fine. Getting news space with press is good and worthwhile. But for us, that’s just the beginning. A good PR agency must be able to amplify the extent of those earned media spaces beyond the centimeters of a publication, enhance the opportunity for the brand to be seen and generate experiences to engage the audiences.

Through our data driven holistic PR Strategy, we amplify the media relations successes deemed most impactful to your business objectives, with services that support the whole spectrum of Paid-Earned-Owned-Shared such as social media, visibility opportunities for Spokespersons, Though Leadership, Events 4.0, Digital Marketing and content amplification, among others...


Event 4.0
Event 4.0Nothing guarantees media coverage or attendance at an event. Far from it. The dominance of the Internet, a 24/7 news cycle, influencers of every stripe and the outsized role of social media has changed how and why events are executed.

Taking a holistic approach viewing an event more as content creating machines, an event’s value and ROI can be exponentially increased  so that it not only generates traditional media coverage, but also yields plenty of engaging content that can help boost click-throughs, improve social media engagement and bolster SEO.

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Digital PR Audit
An audit of the Digital PR outreach is a must for the development of any PR campaign and evaluate a PR strategy, since it offers an overview of the company and competitors in the media landscape. With our proprietary system CROSSOVER®, InfoSol can comprehensively measure your participation in earned media vs. your competitors.

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Traditional PR Audit
An audit of the Traditional PR outreach is a must for the development of any PR campaign and evaluate a PR strategy, since it offers an overview of the company and competitors in the media landscape. With our proprietary system CROSSOVER®, InfoSol can comprehensively measure your participation in earned media vs. your competitors.

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Content Marketing
Content is only king if it is GREAT content. InfoSol can work with your brand in content creation to optimize it or build a plan from scratch by developing and implementing a content marketing strategy designed to generate measurable results specific to your company’s goals.
Media Relations
Earned media is crucial to your reputation and it’s the center of every client program. Even as reporters and bloggers move daily, InfoSol’s hard won reputation as an agency means those relationships travel and translate into consistent coverage.
Analyst Relations
Analysts provide key market insights and are essential to round out reporter stories. InfoSol knows how to cultivate introductions and design relationships  mutually beneficial.
Media just don’t attend as many live events these days. InfoSol times and positions  news on your event to stand out, knows which reporters will “cover” events remotely, and seamlessly integrates social media and Digital PR strategies to get the most out of each event through our “Best Practices” Program.
Content Creation
Infographics. Feature Articles, Bylined Articles, Videos. White Papers. Blog Posts. Case Studies. Success Stories. You name it, we deliver it – any content that supports PR and Marketing. In CECREA™ we help you from concept design to final execution, developed by account staff in concert with our internal Creative Team of journalists, designers and illustrators.
Crisis communications and issue management starts with planning. No matter if it is a software, service or product failure, InfoSol helps you to navigate the storm. Our process guides clients from plan creation - prevention and crisis management- to real-time monitoring and issue escalation, through longer term issues management.
Whether an App, product or service, launches shouldn’t be one-time events rather much bigger campaigns. This should mix the art of Media Relations with paid promotion, InfoSol’s approach pulls in your initial audience via thought leadership, preconditions the market pre-launch, and extends the value and life of your launch over time. We’ve successfully launched both B2B and B2C and have extended the value and life of launches for companies such as PSafe, Cisco, Informatica LLC, Harman, Parrot, Gelita, EMC, VMware, among others.
ITC Trends / Markets Radar
InfoSol knows how to measure the interest of the media outlets and journalists on subjects related to your markets and / or ITC trends and how to help you find spaces for your content marketing.

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Link Building
Without links your domain will fall in search engine rankings. Through competitive analysis and highly-targeted media and blogger relations, InfoSol can help your brand outrank the competition and increase search traffic.
Conference speaking are a must for any brand looking to build credibility within its industry, attract new audiences or generate fresh leads. InfoSol can help you build a roster of speakers for your event by leveraging our network and industry knowledge.

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Profitable Brilliance*

Definition—Part One (The definition of “brilliance”)

A Thought Leader is an individual or firm that prospects, clients, referral sources, intermediaries and even competitors recognize as one of the foremost authorities in selected areas of specialization, resulting in its being the go-to individual or organization for said expertise.

Definition—Part Two (The commercial component)

A Thought Leader is an individual or firm that significantly profits from being recognized as such.

At its core, Thought Leadership is a type of content marketing where you tap into the talent, experience and passion inside your business, to answer the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience on a particular topic in the formats your audience likes to consume them.

*Russ Alan Prince and Bruce Rogers

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A coveted earned speaking engagement is of high value now with pay-for-play on the rise. InfoSol clients have keynoted at Netmedia events, moderated panels at Forbes Forums and appeared onstage at Gartner Events. We know the coordinators, the agendas and the messages that translate into stage time.
Awards can give a startup instant credibility, elevate innovative products and move you to the front of potential buyers’ minds. Awards come from great products, great services and a great program that lands opportunities that matter to customers.
Message Development
Defining your story. Being compelling. Being concise. Answering “why should you care about my company” starts with messaging. InfoSol develops your voice for every audience (prospects, customers, employees, board members, the Street) and every platform (website, blog, social channels, traditional and digital media).
Media Training
Content is only as good as the messenger. It’s a journey from marketing angles to compelling interviews that gain media trust that at the end of the path reaches your audiences to emotionally connect with these. InfoSol teaches you how to speak effectively to live audiences and the news media. Whether you are giving a presentation or holding a press conference during a crisis, we help you look your best, create memorable stories and sound bites and deliver winning messages.
Global Reach
InfoSol has a strong, deep network of more than 15 trusted, rockstar agency partners, spanning 20 different countries. Alongside our partners we are regularly executing cross-border campaigns.

Whether taking the lead on a LATAM program and coordinating agency activity, or simply being part of the LATAM team, we’re always an eager participant, hoping to provide insights from our own experience that can help in other markets, as well as learning from our agency partners to hone campaigns domestically.

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